A Quick Overview of the Different Types of Bridal Jewellery
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A Quick Overview of the Different Types of Bridal Jewellery

Every girl dreams of looking like a princess on her wedding day. However, selecting the ideal husband for the bride is perhaps the most essential aspect of a wedding; shopping for bridal jewellery might appear simple.

Your bridal jewellery has the power to accentuate the luxury of your wedding outfit and the beauty of your wedding hairdo, making you appear like the queen you truly are.

Making that important day in your life even more memorable for you and the people you love begins with becoming familiar with the many types of wedding jewellery that are available for you to select. It may assist you in finding your ideal appearance, whether it be minimalist or all-ornamented.Look at these timeless designs of the greatest Indian wedding jewellery, which will make you swoon just like all of your friends and family.

The variety of bridal jewellery options offered to the millennial bride is mind-bogglingly fantastic. And it can get perplexing. For many people, wedding jewellery is more than just an investment; it is a cherished heirloom that has been passed down through the years.

Here are a few must-have pieces of Indian gold jewellery for Indian wedding jewellery to help you sort things out.


The diamond is said to be a girl’s closest friend. Without the best friend of the bride, what is a wedding? Diamond wedding jewellery is more popular than ever and uncommon by nature, making it exceptional, valuable, and ideal for wedding jewellery. They may be used for different situations because they are often not heavy. This makes them more desirable because of this.


Temple work jewellery is our passion, and words will never adequately express it. As we hug or dress one, love may be shown in our eyes. Every Malayali bride claims that this Indian gold jewellery, which was originally created to decorate deities and nobility, is now an essential component of the must-have Indian gold jewellery.These patterns, which are made of pure gold with little to no masonry, include god and goddess themes that are works of pure art that every bride adores.


The traditional wedding jewellery of Kerala has always been a combination of the ever-beautiful Manga mala, Palakka mala, MullaMotu mala, and the NagapadaThali, even though temple craftsmanship is ancient and has a rich history. They are among the oldest pieces of Kerala jewellery and are local to the state. Every antique ornament has a unique tale to share. The affection you have for them will always endure.


The Kundan jewellery online is a classic design that was developed in Rajasthan and is adorned with glass and diamonds. They are unlike anything on the list since they are extremely detailed, with many layers of masonry and gold along with intricate yet lovely joint work. They are less flashy than large diamond jewellery, yet they nevertheless exude an unfathomable elegance.

While these are the top Indian wedding jewellery design categories, you can always visit your local Francis Alukkas boutique to get more bridal jewellery inspiration than you could ever find online. Come by, but remember to wear a mask!