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Cars have changed people’s lives a lot over the past century. The automobile has seen its fair share of transformations, from military vehicles to racecars. People now live in a society that relies on automobiles to get them where they need to go; however, owning a car comes with risks.

Life is unexpected. When you drive, there’s always the chance that something bad can happen to you or other drivers. A simple car accident could start a cascade of events that leads to financial ruin for you or your family. Have some level of protection and assurance so that no matter what happens, you’ll be covered in an emergency.

Regarding car insurance, there are some things that people need to understand. You need the right insurance coverage in place should an accident occur. Car insurance coverages are divided into different types to save you from all the confusion. Here are the different kinds of car insurance available.

Types of Car Insurance Coverage

  • Bodily injury liability

It’s the coverage that pays for the medical expenses of others if you cause an accident and injure them. In most states, it also covers legal costs related to any lawsuit against you due to an accident.

  • Property damage liability

This car insurance coverage protects you from paying for damage to another person’s property. It also provides coverage if you hit an unattended vehicle or object and cause damage to it.

  • Personal injury protection

This car insurance coverage pays for medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses related to injuries sustained in a car accident.

  • Collision

Collision insurance is the most basic of all car insurance. It covers damage to your car when you hit another vehicle, pedestrian, or object. Collision coverage handles repairs to your car minus your deductible.

How to File a Car Insurance Claim

  1. Inform your insurance provider
  2. Review your policy
  3. Start your claim online
  4. Know the time limit for submitting your claim
  5. Prepare the needed documents
  6. Understand how the repair would work
  7. Fill out the forms
  8. Write the claim number assigned to you

Claim Your Policy Today

In conclusion, car insurance is very much like health insurance. It’s a necessity for people who own a vehicle and for everyone doing things related to vehicles. The importance of car insurance can be noticed in so many ways, from being important for driving with complete peace of mind to removing the problem of filing accident reports when you might be involved in one.

This comprehensive infographic can help you. It provides information about all aspects of car insurance you should need in your day-to-day life and all the steps you need to take to claim your car insurance.

With this infographic, you can gain better knowledge about something that can save you money and ensure you’re taken care of should anything happen while you’re behind the wheel. Read more about the types of car insurance claims below.

car insurance claim infographic
car insurance claim

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