What Does CFS Mean on Instagram?
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What Does CFS Mean on Instagram?

If you are texting a person to ask about the day then they simply tell you to check their CFS on Instagram. Some of the users don’t know what does CFS mean on Instagram. It’s okay when you do not know the meaning of CFS. This article would help the person to get the real meaning of CFS.

What Does CFS mean on Instagram?

CFS is a close friend story. This can be seen by the close friends only as it is a private story. To create a close friend list, the user has to click on the 3 lines on the right-hand side. Then they have to click on the close friend option and choose the friends they want to keep in the close friend list. If the user wants to add CFS then click on the “+” option on the homepage and the picture or video which you want to add to your story.

How To Make A Close Friend List?

  1. First of all, the user has to open the Instagram page. To open the profile, click on the profile picture which would be shown on the right corner. Profile page would be opened where you would be able to see three lines in the right corner. This would take you to the settings page. 
  2. When the user clicks on the close friend option, a list of friends would have appeared. They can select the person whom they want to select as a close friend. This can be done by clicking on the circles present just beside names. If the person does not have a close friend list, then they have to click on “get started” to start the close friend list. 
  3. After selecting the friends, you would be able to see close friends. If the person wants to add any person after some time then you can come back to settings and then add the person. In the same way, you can deselect the person you want to remove from the close friend list. The friends would not get the notification that they have been added to the close friend list. They would come to know that they are added to close friends only when you add a story to the close friends. If you remove them from the close friend list, they will not come to know at all. The story that you have to add to a close friend’s story then only a close friend would be able to see. The followers cannot request you to add them to your close list. It depends on the user.


The CFS meaning on Instagram is a close friend story that can be seen by close friends only. The user can add close friends as per the choice. No one can force you to add them to your close friend list. The list should be made as per the choice of the user. For adding people to your close friend list you have to follow some steps. 
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