Cheap Ghostwriting Services: Pros and Cons for Your Business
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Cheap Ghostwriting Services: Pros and Cons for Your Business

In today’s age and time; access to written content has become easier than ever. There is so much content available on online sites and how can we forget about AI tools like ChatGPT? Still; all these alternatives cannot fill in the steps of a writer. Yes! A writer is one who presents his opinions in the most creative way with all the facts and pieces of evidence. There are different types of writing services available for people to get help with their written projects varying from ghostwriting service to copywriting services, depending upon their needs.

Copywriting Service In Pakistan is quite popular or it can be said that Pakistan constitutes some of the best writers who can help you with every type of content; be it copywriting or ghostwriting. This post is particularly intended to shed light on ghostwriting, the pros, and cons of this business, etc.

What are ghostwriting services? 

Is it better to hire cheap ghostwriting services is a question that must be answered later on because before that people need to know what ghostwriting actually is, what are the responsibilities of a ghostwriter, and what is the process of hiring a ghostwriter. Ghostwriting services are the services provided by professional writers to the owner of the project without mentioning the name of the writer; hence named a GHOST writer.

Responsibilities of a ghostwriter:

“A successful ghostwriter is first and foremost a good listener, and then a good writer.”

Prior to mentioning the responsibilities of a ghostwriter, it is important for the employer to do his part perfectly as well because if the employer will give poor instructions or won’t hire a ghostwriter who could match his thought process then there will be a lot of confusion and the project might not end up as the employer or author has in mind.  As far as; the responsibilities of a ghostwriter are concerned then they are as follows:

  • A ghostwriter has to prepare a draft according to the given instructions by the employer.
  • Thorough research must be done by the ghostwriter on the given topic.
  • He must keep in mind the instructions of the employer throughout the process of writing.
  • He must know that even though his opinion matters but mainly it is the idea of the employer that must be completely reflected in the project. 
  • A ghostwriter must be consistent with the formatting, styling, and tone of the project throughout.

The process of hiring a ghostwriter:

Ghostwriting is difficult to detect, but it has the potential to be high quality (Lines, 2016). There are many sites from where an individual can hire a ghostwriter varying from online sites to platforms. However; you must consider the following points while hiring a ghostwriter for a better turnout of the project: 

  • Look for subject-specific writer fits; however; if you can’t find them then look for the ones who have a command over the language. 
  • Ask for samples from potential candidates.
  • While in your quest; keep in mind that you won’t be able to get a ghostwriter who would match your thought process 100% because there will always be a slight difference of opinions. 
  • Make sure to give the writer proper instructions and see if the ghostwriter can grasp your style of writing.
  • If everything seems fine including the reputation of the writer then proceed on to signing the agreement.

Pros and Cons for the business of ghostwriting services:

Everything comes with its respective set of pros and cons. Similarly; the business of ghostwriting also has its plus and negative points. So; if you are thinking of pursuing this business then you can consider the following pros and cons of outsourcing ghostwriting to get sorted everything;


  1. Being a ghostwriter does not confine you to one job only; rather you can be working on other things or continuing your studies at the same time. 
  2. Almost every subject you can think of can be covered in an assignment. Whether you are asked to write a self-help book, on copywriting, or on house design, you can pick up a lot of knowledge along the process. Ghostwriting may be the ideal job for you if you enjoy conducting research and are curious to learn about various subjects.
  3. No special authorization is required to enter the field. No further education or specialized certifications are necessary to work as a ghostwriter. You can be successful as a ghostwriter if you have strong writing skills, pay close attention to your author, and take lots of notes. 
  4. You are only accountable for writing; nothing else. Other aspects of the project, such as production and marketing, are not your responsibility. Since the author will be responsible for doing interviews and public appearances to market the book, writers don’t need to worry about those things either.
  5. The industry of ghostwriting can be profitable once established. Less experienced ghostwriters can earn between $20,000 and $30,000 annually, while writers with greater experience can make over $50,000. Early assignments might pave the way for bigger and better-paying ghostwriter jobs once they become established.


  1. There are not many employment openings, and even fewer are freely posted on job sites. Finding assignment leads can be challenging, and building contacts to locate possible leads can be frustratingly tiring. As they say; Don’t be concerned about existing competition, be concerned by competition yet to come (bestassignmentwriter, 2020).
  2. You must give up your tag name. Typically, the end product lacks your name. Despite getting paid, you do all the work but don’t get the credit.
  3. You have to work for another person. You might not agree with the decisions that are made by that person. Working with them requires putting your ego aside, and you won’t have much say in how the project turns out.
  4. There can be tight timelines. Because the author wants to release a book in response to current events, you might need to put in more hours to fulfill a deadline.


Ghostwriting is a potential business with its fair share of pros and cons. All the points related to ghostwriting have been mentioned in the above- post to help the readers in making a decision with a clearer perspective. 


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