Choosing the Right Debt collection agency: Factors to Consider
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Choosing the Right Debt collection agency: Factors to Consider


Which debt collection agency would be the best for your company?  A competent debt collection partner will increase the amount of debt that is recovered and given back to you, be open and honest about their reporting and techniques, and assist you in keeping good ties with your consumers.  With those goals in mind, here are 6 tips to selecting the right collection partner.

1) Think About Entire Roi Rather Than Simply The Purchase Price

One aspect to take into account when determining which partner to select is the collecting percentage charged by an agency.  Although it would be tempting to compare agencies purely on that proportion, the most crucial factor is how much money they actually return to your wallet.

Ask for an industry study when looking for a debt collection agency so you can compare the outcomes they have produced for other businesses in your sector.  This information can assist you in making decisions that are based on actual returns rather than perceived costs.

The outcomes that agencies obtain on the number of accounts they actually collect on vary greatly, despite the fact that many charge a flat percentage of what they are able to collect.  A low agency percentage may lead to the neglect of other debt as easy-to-collect debt is encouraged to be worked on.  In actuality, a debt collection agency with cheap fees and a low recovery rate won’t provide as high of a return as one with higher fees and a greater recovery rate.  Take a look at the following instance to see what we mean:

Agency B would be a superior option even though Agency A has a lot lower fee rate because the financial return to the organisation is higher.

2) Demand Excellent Customer Service

The days of frightening recalcitrant debtors with breaking their kneecaps are long gone.  The best contemporary organisations place a strong emphasis on facilitating different payment options, payment plans, and early intervention for clients.  Find a partner who can assist you in enhancing your internal process with payment notices early in a debt’s life cycle.

Making sure that all calls are placed from a domestic collection office is a crucial component of providing excellent customer support.  Due to the delicate nature of the relationship between your company and its clients, outsourcing should not be used in the collecting industry in today’s business environment.  Domestic call centres benefit both customer happiness and revenue collection.  Working with a local or national collection firm will help you avoid debtor complaints.

3) Look For Partners Instead Than Buyers.

A debt collection agency partner should collaborate with you to design a strategy for managing your accounts receivable in order to improve your bottom line, much way a marketing consultant works with a business to get better sales results.  Collection agents should collaborate with you to enhance your internal collection operations because they are professionals at recovering debt.  For instance, many collection firms may assist in risk mitigation by doing credit checks on new clients or by assisting in the implementation of pre-collection procedures such as regular payment reminders.

4) Examine Their Prior Performance

The best information, as with any purchase choice, comes from customers who have used their services.  Request recommendations from businesses or people who have the most knowledge.  Among the best places to look for information are:

  • Accounting firms Contacts for businesses
  • The Business Chamber

Finding a company with knowledge in your particular profession makes sense because the Better Business Bureau Collection laws differ depending on the industry.  They will frequently be more prepared to handle the particular difficulties faced by that industry and use that knowledge to enhance recovery while upholding a compliance system.

5) Verify Any Necessary Licencing

Agencies must hold a licence to operate in the state where they are located in accordance with debt collection agency laws. A debt collection agency with a local licence is more than adequate for companies that work with in-state clients.  However, if your company operates nationally, you will require a debt collection agency that is authorised to operate in every state where your clients reside.

6) Review Reporting

Failure to consistently report collection rates is a common mistake made by many collection agencies.  You should anticipate receiving at least a monthly statement and payment on all accounts, as well as access to an online portal where you can examine recovery rates whenever you choose.


The correct debt collection agency can significantly improve your cash flow.   Before making a final choice, do some research to make sure the partner you choose will help you achieve your goals.

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