Experience Unmatched Performance with Premium Hydraulic Oil
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Experience Unmatched Performance with Premium Hydraulic Oil

When it comes to hydraulic systems, using the right type is crucial. It can significantly impact the overall performance, lifespan, and efficiency of your equipment. That is why choosing high-quality hydraulic oil is a smart investment for any business that relies on machinery.

At ADOLF7 Automotive Industries Pvt. Ltd., we understand the importance of using premium oil. That is why we offer a wide range of hydraulic oils that can meet the requirements of various systems.


It comes in different types, and each has its own set of specifications and applications. Some of the most common types of include:

  • Mineral Oil – This type of oil is made from crude and is the most commonly used hydraulic oil. It is affordable, widely available, and works well in most hydraulic systems.
  • Synthetic Oil – Synthetic oils are made from chemical compounds and offer better performance and protection than mineral oil. They are more expensive, but they offer better resistance to temperature extremes and are ideal for high-pressure hydraulic systems.
  • Bio-Based Oil – This type of oil is made from vegetable oils and is an eco-friendly alternative to mineral oil. It offers excellent performance and can be used in most hydraulic systems.


When choosing oil, it is important to consider the specifications of your system. Each system has different requirements, and using the wrong type of hydraulic oil can cause damage or reduced performance. Some of the specifications to consider include viscosity, oxidation stability, and anti-wear properties.


It is used in a wide range of hydraulic systems, including:

  • Construction machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, and cranes
  • Industrial machinery such as presses, lifts, and conveyors
  • Agricultural machinery such as tractors and combines
  • Automotive machinery such as brakes and power steering systems
  • Prices

The price of this oil varies depending on the type, specification, and brand. But, we offer competitive prices for our premium engine oils and hydraulic oils. Our oils are affordable without compromising quality.

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Hydraulic Oil Near Me

Finding high-quality premium oil near you can be challenging. However, with ADOLF7, you can easily find premium oil near you. Our oils are available in various locations, making it easier for you to access them.

Hydraulic Oil Manufacturers

Choosing a reliable engine oil manufacturer is important to ensure the quality and performance of your oil. We are a trusted and reputable engine oil manufacturers. We use only the best ingredients and follow strict quality control procedures to ensure the quality and consistency of our hydraulic oils.

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Using premium hydraulic oil can significantly improve the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of your  equipment. At ADOLF7, we offer a wide range of high-quality hydraulic oils that can meet the requirements of various hydraulic systems. With our competitive prices, reliable quality, and wide availability, you can experience unmatched performance with our premium oil.

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