How to Choose the Right POD System: Important Selection Criteria
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How to Choose the Right POD System: Important Selection Criteria


  1. What is a POD system and how does it operate?
  2. How to Choose the Right POD System for Beginners
  3. How to choose liquid for a POD system

POD systems in their full sense, namely vaping devices with the ability to recharge, refuel, or have a replaceable cartridge, appeared relatively recently. Storz and Bickle POD systems, however, have already proven themselves to be compact, easy-to-use, and convenient devices for beginners and even advanced vapers at storz and bickel discount. What advantages do these electronic cigarettes have over other types of vapes and disposables, and what to look for when choosing them, we will talk today.

What is a POD system and how does it operate?

A POD system is a vaping device format. This device consists of three main components: an atomizer, a battery, and a cartridge with liquid. All this is powered by an electronic board that activates the vaporization at the moment of inhaling or, less commonly, pressing a button.

When the user draws through the nozzle, the liquid is sent to the evaporator, which converts it into steam. The amount of steam depends on the duration of the puff, the power of the hearth, as well as some other points that we will talk about below. In general, the whole system is quite simple and effective.

How to Choose the Right Vaporizer for Beginners

When choosing the right POD system for beginners, there are several important criteria to consider:

  1. Size.
    Many people underestimate this point, but the POD system must be convenient and compact so that a beginner does not lose the desire to carry it with him and use it. However, it is worth noting that larger POD systems usually contain powerful batteries and atomizers, which allows for richer flavor and longer runtime. However, even small devices provide fairly long battery life, and thanks to the use of salt nicotine, the user will be satisfied with the strength and aroma of the vapor.
  2. Power.
    It’s still worth taking a closer look at the power of the POD system. Typically, the internal filling of the hearth allows the device to operate with a performance of 10 to 15 watts. This is quite enough to satisfy the basic needs of most vapers. As for beginners, they can first try low-power devices with 6-8 watts. The main thing is to choose the performance of the electronic cigarette by your vaping style since too intense vaping of weak devices can lead to their overheating and failure.

How to choose liquid for a POD system

  1. Choose POD systems that have replaceable cartridges. This will allow you to quickly and easily replace the evaporator and liquid without having to buy a whole new electronic device.
  2. Taste transfer.
    An important criterion when choosing a POD system. Some hearths may provide better flavor transfer than others due to the use of better materials and evaporators. For example, advanced vapers appreciate nickel mesh vaporizers. They are not the most durable, but they provide the best flavor.
    • Taste and aroma. Choose a liquid with a taste and aroma that you are confident in. It’s not very nice to buy a bottle of e-liquid, which then sits idle until the expiration date.

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