How To Draw A Centaur Easily
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How To Draw A Centaur Easily

How To Draw A Centaur. There are many amazing animals and monsters in the many mythologies and stories of cultures around the world. Some of the most incredible come from Greek mythology.

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One of the most well-known creatures is the centaur. This creature, half human, half horse, appears in many stories of mythology and enjoys great popularity in fantasy stories to this day.

The many admirers of this creature would love to learn how to draw a centaur but may not know where to start! This tutorial should help you with that.

Our step-by-step guide to drawing a centaur in just 6 steps will show you how you can easily recreate this incredible mythological animal.

How To Draw A Centaur

Step 1

In this first step of our guide to drawing a centaur, we’ll start with the creature’s human head.

For his face, we’re going to use curved lines for the eyes, nose, and mouth to give him an intense expression that shows he means business!

We also give him a full beard and then you can also give him a shaggy mohawk in the middle of his skull.

To finish, draw his pointy ears and then we can proceed to the second step of the tutorial.

Step 2

In the second part of this centaur drawing, we’ll add his shoulders and chest, as well as some of the armor he wears on his chest.

You can start with this armor by drawing a circle on the chest and then add some details.

Next, draw out four straps. Two go over his shoulders and two go around the sides of his chest.

Finish off this step by using more curved lines for the shoulder and chest details, then we can move on to the next step!

Step 3

This third step of our how to draw a centaur guide starts with some details about its hair.

Just draw some slightly curved lines for the sides of the hairstyle to add some texture detail.

Next we’ll draw a large triangular shape for the base of his armor and you can then add some detail to that shape.

Then you can draw the sides of his belt and add circles to get big rivets. Finally, draw some line detail on the waist of his armor to complete this third step.

Step 4

In the next step we will finish the human part of the drawing of this centaur.

We’re going to start by using some curved lines for her strong arms and then add some jagged lines for the bangles on her wrists.

His right arm will be holding a long spear, and you might want to use a ruler for that! Before moving on to step 5, let’s draw a few more sections along the ribbon.

Step 5

As mentioned in the previous part of this guide to drawing a centaur, we are now done with the human aspects of the creature.

In this part we will focus on the centaur’s front legs. They will look like horse legs and you can draw them with slightly curved lines.

Try to copy them exactly as they appear in the reference image to make sure they look a little more realistic.

Once those front legs are drawn, let’s add the final details in the next part!

Step 6

Before we start coloring the centaur drawing, let’s add some final details and elements to complete it. You can draw the horse’s back and also add a curled tail at the back. Then, to finish, draw the hind leg of the horse part as well.

This leg will look slightly different than the front legs, so you should try to duplicate it exactly as it looks in the reference image. You are now ready for the final step of the guide! Before proceeding, be sure to add any other details you might like.

Drawing a background is a great way to take a drawing to the next level! What kind of environment would you choose for the appearance of this fantastic centaur? We can’t wait to see it!

Step 7

The final step in our guide to drawing a centaur is to finish it off with some color.

We kept most of the colors fairly muted in our reference image, with the biggest exception on the armor, where we used bright yellow tones.

The colors we used in our example are just a sample of the colors you can choose! This step is where you can get really creative with the colors used. You can also have more fun experimenting with new artistic mediums and tools. So let your creativity run free and see what happens!

Your Centaur Drawing is Finished!