How To Treat Winter-Hit Lips This Season?
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How To Treat Winter-Hit Lips This Season?

Winter is here; your skincare routine will change dramatically. You might consider adding new products to your skincare box. The most frustrating thing about winter is dry and chapped lips. The cold breeze is never lip-friendly; you must protect your lips when going out in winter. However, there are multiple treatment options available for winter-hit lips. This post will explain how to treat winter-hit lips this season. You can use certain products and skincare techniques to combat the bad effects of the winter breeze on your lips. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Effective treatment options for winter-hit lips:

Winter-hit lips can feel irritating; you will feel like changing your lips entirely. The cold breeze will result in chapped lips, especially after hanging out for too long. However, you can use several techniques to avoid this problem. The best you can do is stay hydrated and use skincare products with moisturizing ingredients. You can also visit a beauty clinic to undergo filler injections for a quicker and more effective remedy. The following list will uncover effective skincare techniques you should follow to treat winter-hit lips. Let us jump into the list!

1. Use moisturizing lip products:

It is always necessary to use high-quality moisturizing lip products to avoid chapped lips. Before you go out in the day or to bed in the night, you should apply the product for better results. The market is full of different lip moisturizers, but going for the dermatologist-approved product would be wise. Using oil-filled and fragrance-free lip products can help you combat chapped and winter-hit lips.

You can also use petroleum-based products and moisturizers to keep your lips oily. The cold breeze will never have a bad impact on your lips should you wear a high-quality lip product. A nourishing ointment can also help you deal with the problem!

2. Opt for lip filler injections:

Another effective technique to deal with dry and chapped lips in winter is opting for lip filler injections. These injections mainly contain Hyaluronic acid, which can stimulate the production of natural collagen and elastin in your skin. Collagen and elastin are responsible for skin beautification and plumpness. You can also treat winter-hit lips with these injections.

Choosing the right clinic will make all the difference. The dermatologist administering these injections must be certified and highly professional. It would be best to choose lip fillers Dubai specialists and let them administer these injections for effective outcomes.

3. Exfoliate your lips:

Removing dry and dead skin cells from your lips is called exfoliation, and it is highly useful in winter. Flaky lips are normal in winter; you should exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin cells. Using a chemical-free lip scrub would be the best idea for exfoliation. It is a simple DIY treatment with a mixture of olive oil and brown sugar.

Exfoliation is not a daily skincare routine. You should avoid doing it more than once a week. Too much scrubbing can damage your skin cells. It would be best to ask your skincare specialist about your exfoliation routine and products.

4. Minimize sun exposure:

Too much sun exposure can damage your lips, the same as it damages your skin. It would be best to avoid too much sun exposure to treat your winter-hit lips. Moreover, you should also consider using a mild lip balm with ingredients like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide. Your skincare specialist might also suggest using SPF 30 before going out.

If your lips are damaged due to sun exposure, you can compress them with a cold washcloth. You can also use Aloe Vera products to combat this problem. Besides these treatment options, you must drink water frequently to stay hydrated and fuel your recovery process.

5. Use skin-friendly products:

Many people opt for friends and family-suggested skincare products, which can result in adverse effects. What if these products are not suitable for your skin? It is always necessary to discuss the matter with your skin specialist and go for the right lip-friendly products. Using ordinary and OTC products will only increase your lip problems. The same goes for a cosmetic procedure if needed.

There is no better cosmetic procedure than lip filler injections for treating dry and flaky lips. It would be best to contact lip fillers Dubai specialists and allow them to administer these injections. These certified experts will ensure a better outcome of the procedure with little to no side effects.

Treat your winter-hit lips with effective remedies!

Winters can hurt your lips; you must find effective ways to keep your lips hydrated and oily. Of all the treatments and techniques you can use, a few will make a positive difference. It would be best to use moisturizing lip products, opt for lip fillers, and exfoliate your skin regularly. You can also use lip-friendly products like Hyaluronic acid in injectable forms to treat flaky and dry lips.

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