Jamie Carragher Says Trent Alexander-Arnold Is Gerrard-Like
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Jamie Carragher Says Trent Alexander-Arnold Is Gerrard-Like

Jamie Carragher believes only Kevin De Bruyne can match Trent Alexander-Arnold for defence-splitting passes, and feels his new hybrid midfield role has produced Steven Gerrard-like performances.

Gerrard was one of the most beloved and influential figures in English football.


Every few months, Liverpool fans argue over whether Trent Alexander-Arnold should move from midfield into defense. On one hand, his defensive frailties often cost the team goals; on the other, his creative flair often prompts discussions of moving him further up the pitch.

But another aspect of this debate is more captivating – Alexander-Arnold has been given more freedom to play a more central role.

He’s playing high up the pitch, in a false 10-or-8 role akin to that played by Kevin De Bruyne.

Though difficult and time consuming, his strategy seems to be working well at present – exerting immense pressure on the opposition players while showing an incredible range of passing skills.

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Trent Alexander-Arnold is one of a string of young Liverpool players to have the chance to make an immediate impression within their squad. This weekend against West Ham he proved invaluable with an early cross-come-shot that enabled Sadio Mane to score Liverpool’s inaugural goal of 2018.

Jurgen Klopp understands the value of his star player and is keen to get him on the pitch as often as possible. At 21 years old, Raheem Sterling can play aggressively while providing cover on either flank.

He is an impressive ballplayer, often making an immediate and significant contribution to games with passes that are both direct and difficult to defend against. Such passes could make an ideal fit for New England if he limited crossing opportunities while encouraging Mohamed Salah’s infield darts which both help ensure club success.


Alexander-Arnold has quickly established himself as an integral member of Jurgen Klopp’s side and could well claim his first Premier League crown this term. Following some setbacks last season, Alexander-Arnold managed to rebound with an outstanding performance in the final game of that campaign, earning himself an England call-up as a result.

Liverpool backline star Martin Skrtel is known as one of the most talented players, being an expert passer known for effortlessly whipping in crosses.

As part of Liverpool, this full-back has completed 141 crosses with an accuracy rate of 31% this season and created 10 chances for his teammates.

He’s a fantastic player, but it is important to note that he often abandons his defensive positions too early, leaving himself vulnerable when an attack breaks down or an opposing wide player gets the ball into his defending area. This could leave him exposed when an attack goes sideways or the ball gets past his line defending position.


Trent Alexander-Arnold has been one of the main reasons behind Liverpool’s incredible season this year. His presence was instrumental in their winning of three prestigious trophies – Champions League, Super Cup and Premier League respectively under Jurgen Klopp at Anfield.

He serves as an example for younger players and recently pointed to Steven Gerrard as his inspiration, telling Uncut that Gerrard’s support had an immense effect on his development as a footballer.

Assuming they understand your company and can fill various roles effectively, hybrid roles may be ideal as they offer something out of the ordinary and present an exciting challenge to take up.

He has stated his aspiration of becoming captain one day; however, due to being too young now to receive this position. To develop leadership abilities further.

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