Unfolding The Nutraceutical Market Scenario in United Arab Emirates
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Unfolding The Nutraceutical Market Scenario in United Arab Emirates

Before heading to the fundamental term, why and how nutraceutical products has maintained to achieve a unique position in UAE, allow us to introduce you to its historical background and real meaning.  Stephen DeFelice, the renowned face who gained prominence for being the founder and chairman of the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, formulated the term by constituting the two terms “Nutra,” indicating Nutrients signifying the foods that have good nutritious values. On the very other hands, there comes “Ceuticals,” indicating Pharmaceuticals meaning medical drugs. Stephen coined the term in 1989. Also, the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine is situated in Cranford, New Jersey. It is an American-based organization that is famous throughout the globe. 

Thus, by combining both terms, “Nutraceuticals” is found, referring to the non-specific natural remedies that help boost overall health, manage symptoms, and prevent cancerous processes. Further, it aims to offer just two medical or health benefits, including preventing and treating an illness.  

How The Nutraceutical Products Impacted The UAE Market?

An inactive lifestyle with zero exercising routines and excessive pre-packed food consumption in the UAE has forced the incidence of lifestyle-based illnesses to expand as an outcome. Therefore, over time, it becomes responsible for a surge in consumer demand for nutraceuticals through fortified functional foods as well as drinks. 

Nutraceutical Market

If we throw light on the reports thoroughly investigated by Markntel Advisors, the UAE Nutraceuticals Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 6.96% during the forecast period, i.e., 2022-27. The demand for Nutraceutical Products has a booming experience in the targeted region since most people have adopted an inactive lifestyle entirely with no exposure to healthy and adequate diet plans. All these factors unintentionally urge the forecasted area to shift more towards facing diseases such as Diabetes and Obesity. 

By dividing the timeframe into various aspects, UAE in 2019 saw the highest prevailing rate of Diabetes as compared to the other countries. The International Diabetes Federation published this report. Similarly, between 2017-2021, the country’s Market experienced an exponential increase in the demand for Nutraceutical products owing to the inauguration of several gyms and wellness centers, which further led to the introduction of multiple wellness coaches in addition to experienced nutritionists. 

UAE Government Performed Vital Role of Endorsing Health and Fitness

Since the beginning, the responsible government of the UAE has performed its vital role of endorsing health and fitness to provide their citizens with all the required information regarding the increase in the prevalence of lifestyle-oriented diseases that may be chronic. It has raised serious concerns that people may already be suffering from Diabetes or Sugar related to which three significant initiatives have been taken in order to promote activities such as healthy eating and exercising. The names of the initiatives include UAE Wellbeing Model for Residential Communities, Community Wellbeing Nutrition Program, and Community Program for Active Lifestyle. On a concluding note, it becomes easy to evaluate that the Nutraceutical industry intends to possess massive heights in the region in the upcoming future due to the reason being higher disposable income of the people and rising awareness among the community. 

What Are the Relevant Factors That Are Driving the Market to Expand Rapidly? 

Implementing the use of Nutraceutical Products in meals and increasing the usability of functional foods to improve a newborn’s nutritious value has become a hot topic in the targeted area. Additionally, it helps to prevent gastrointestinal illness as well. Given this, consumers are making themselves knowledgeable regarding the products’ supplementation value. Notwithstanding, the entry of an organization into the Market of newborn probiotic supplementations, including BioGaia Protectis probiotic drops, Synergy Infabiol infant probiotic drops, Calmco probiotic drops, etc., will likely create an influencing image on the expansion of the industry. 

Listing Down the Growth Opportunity That the Market Aims to Offer:

According to the latest research and development innovation, advancement in the growth of the Nutraceuticals Supplement market can be suspected via the manufacturing of probiotic supplements for other health-related diseases, which are cardiovascular disease, hypocholesterolemia, bone health, oral health, and so on. Therefore, the changes are most likely to be witnessed very soon. This is because the consumers have awakened from a long sleep of neglect. As of now, when they are fully attentive to the rising number of chronic diseases that can be caused due to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle routines, several manufacturers have been urged to produce the best-effective probiotics as soon as possible. Not only this, the dietary-based supplementation sector is delivering the latest nutraceutical-based products to lessen the patient’s pain. 

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