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MERN Stack

As mobile apps and web applications continue to grow in popularity, the demand for developers skilled in MEAN stack and MERN stack development has also increased. Developers use MEAN and MERN, two of the most popular JavaScript-based frameworks, for building modern, scalable web applications.. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at popular apps built with these frameworks and discuss why you should hire MERN stack developers.

First, let’s define what we mean by MEAN and MERN.

Developers use the MEAN stack, a collection of technologies, to build web applications. The MEAN acronym stands for MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. Users employ MongoDB, a NoSQL database, for storing data.
Developers use Express.js, a web application framework, for building APIs. In addition, they utilize AngularJS, a front-end framework, for constructing dynamic user interfaces. Furthermore, they use Node.js, a JavaScript runtime, for running JavaScript on the server side

On the other hand, the MERN also consists of four technologies: MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js. Developers use React, a popular front-end library, for building user interfaces in web applications.

Now that we have a better understanding of what MEAN stack and MERN are, let’s take a look at some popular apps built using these frameworks.

  1. LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals that has over 740 million members. It is built using the MEAN stack.
  2. LinkedIn uses MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js for data storage, API, front-end, and server-side runtime respectively. The user interface is simple and intuitive for easy job search, connection, and posting.
  3. The MERN stack was used to build Airbnb, a popular platform for booking travel accommodations. Airbnb uses MongoDB to store data, Express.js for its API, React for its front end, and Node.js as its server-side runtime. Airbnb designed its user interface to be easy to navigate, enabling users to quickly search for available accommodations in their desired location.
  4. Uber is a ride-sharing platform that connects riders with drivers. It is built using the MEAN stack.
    Uber uses MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js for data storage, API, front-end, and server-side runtime respectively. The user interface is simple and intuitive for easy ride requests and tracking.
  5. Netflix is a streaming service that offers movies and TV shows to subscribers. It is built using the MERN. Netflix employs MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js for data storage, API, front-end, and server-side runtime respectively. The user interface is designed for easy navigation and content discovery.

Why hire MERN stack developers?

The MEAN and MERN stacks build popular web applications. Recently, the MERN stack has grown in popularity due to React’s rise as a front-end library. Here are some reasons why you should hire MERN stack developers.

  1. React is a popular front-end library
    React is a widely used front-end library that is known for its simplicity and flexibility. It allows developers to build dynamic and interactive user interfaces quickly and easily. React’s popularity means that there is a large community of developers who are familiar with it, making it easier to find experienced MERN stack developers.
  2. Scalability and flexibility
    MERN is highly scalable and flexible, making it ideal for building evolving web applications. It uses MongoDB as a NoSQL database for easy scaling and React for easy integration with other tools.
  3. Faster development time
    MERN stack development can be faster than other stacks due to its use of JavaScript across the entire stack. This means that developers can work more efficiently, writing code once and using it across the entire application. Additionally, the MERN stack has a large selection of open-source libraries and tools available, further reducing development time.
  4. Cost-effectiveness
    In the long run, hiring MERN developers can prove to be cost-effective. MERN stack development is efficient, and MongoDB offers scalability. Thus, MERN stack applications are easy to maintain and update over time. This can save businesses money on future development costs.

In conclusion, both the MEAN and MERN are powerful tools for building modern web applications. However, the rise of React as a popular front-end library has made MERN stack a more popular choice for many businesses. Hiring MERN stack developers can be a cost-effective and efficient way to build scalable and flexible web applications.

With the increasing demand for web applications, there is an expectation that companies will require more skilled MERN stack developers.

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