Rabi Al Thani
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Rabi Al Thani

The “Rabi-Al-Thani” is an Arabic word, whereas the word “Rabi” means “Spring” and the word “Thani” means “Second” therefore the month of “Rabi-Al-Thani” is also known as “Second Spring” and it is also known as “Rabi-ul-Akhir” whereas the word “Akhir” means “Last”, so it is also known as “The last spring” this symbolises the end of spring, which in return meant that going of happiness and enjoy. During the course of this month, a number of events took place, some of which are detailed below:

1. The great Imam Hassan al-Askari was born on the eighth of Rabi’ al-Thani.

2. FATIMA-BINT-MUSA went away on the ninth day of “Rabi-al-Thani”

3. The passing of Habib Abu Bakr occurred on the same day as the 15 “Rabi-Al-Thani”s.

4. Ahmad Sirhind died away on the 26th day of “Rabi-Al-Thani”

As we can see, the people whose names have been given above are those who have made significant contributions to the human race, laboured diligently to make it better, and devoted their whole lives to enlightening us. As spring came to a close, the level of happiness gradually decreased, first to a moderate level, and then to a level that resembled melancholy. The passing of these traits is analogous to the seasonal shift from spring into summer, which is followed by the withering of the flowers.

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