Shoplobster Review
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Shoplobster Review

Shoplobster offers MSC-certified lobster tails that can be cooked, frozen or raw. They are also available as lobster mince, a combination of claws, knuckles and legs that can be used in stuffed pastas, soups or dips.

Five Maine politicians—the governor and two senators, plus a state representative—wrote to Seafood Watch, asking it to reverse its decision. Their main point: Right whales have not been entangled in Maine lobster gear.


Lobsters can live up to 36 hours out of water if properly kept cool, moist and refrigerated. The key is to not allow them to rest in fresh water from melted ice which causes osmotic shock and suffocation. Always pack your lobsters with sea-water soaked newspaper and/or a layer of seaweed. Surrounding them with frozen gel packs is a good idea as well.

The quality of a lobster’s meat is a function of the animal’s age, genetics and environmental conditions. A mature, fully-developed lobster has thick, strong claws and firm, rich meat with a full flavor.

Whether your menu calls for a summer lobster cocktail or a warming winter shrimp scampi, Shoplobster has the premium crustaceans you need to delight your guests. Our wild certified Maine lobster claw & knuckle meat is harvested using a proprietary pressure technique that ensures superior flavor and texture without any cooking.


If you want to buy lobster online at the best possible price, Lobster Anywhere is one of your best bets. They are a major name in Maine lobster shipping and work with a variety of different fisheries to offer the best quality at the lowest prices. They are also a great choice for seafood gift baskets, which can be a great way to treat a loved one to something special without breaking the bank. This is particularly important as lobster pricing is being squeezed by the same factors that are impacting grocery and seafood prices in general, with luxury goods like lobster feeling the effects first and foremost.


A good lobster store uses proper storage practices to maintain the quality and taste of its shellfish. This includes using clean and sanitized containers and maintaining proper refrigeration temperatures. It also requires keeping detailed inventory records and implementing regular temperature audits to ensure that lobsters are used within their optimal shelf life.

A lobster store should also provide appropriate packaging materials to prevent freezer burn. This includes using freezer-safe bags and removing air from packages before sealing them. These techniques will help preserve the texture and flavor of the lobster while preventing contamination.

One of our favorite lobster stores, Get Maine Lobster, offers a variety of different options for customers to choose from. In addition to live lobsters, they sell lobster tails and meat and even lobster rolls. They also offer other seafood, including chowders and steaks for surf and turf dinners. Their website is easy to navigate and features fun, witty statements that make exploring their offerings an enjoyable experience.

Customer Service

Leading chefs, upscale seafood restaurants and retail outlets rely on Shoplobster to ensure that their lobsters, seafood and other products are delivered at exactly the right time. In addition to the company’s excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau, Shoplobster also offers a money-back guarantee on any unsatisfactory product. Customers can use the company’s online chat feature or telephone number to contact customer service representatives, who are available 24/7. While the company’s reputation for superb customer service used to be among the best in the industry, some recent complaints on third-party websites suggest that the company’s customer service is now a little below par. In addition, the company does not offer refunds or reshipments if packages are damaged in transit. Consequently, it’s important to carefully inspect all packages when they arrive at their destination.

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