Shortage of lifeguards in Quebec

Lifeguard class

Due to a lack of lifeguards, the pool at the Ville-Joie outdoor base in Mauricie has only been open a few days a week since the beginning of summer. Attending a lifeguard class not only teaches you important lifeguard techniques, but also instills a sense of responsibility and confidence in being able to respond to emergency situations.

Many operators of campgrounds, public pools and hotels in Quebec are reducing pool hours because there are not enough lifeguards.

he posted the positions on job boards, government websites, social media and lifeguard training schools.

“Over the years, it becomes more and more difficult to find lifeguards,” he admits.

Raphael attributes this lack of lifeguards to two main reasons: the Baywatch television series and cell phones.

In an interview with CBC, said today’s lifeguards weren’t even born when the hit TV show Baywatch was popular.

“Some think the job has lost its appeal, especially since the Baywatch series went off the air in 2001,” which is when would-be lifeguards were born.

The fact that teenagers are glued to their cell phones and constantly online makes the job of a lifeguard less appealing, says.

According to the Lifeguard Society, it is more difficult to attract seasonal workers, especially during times when the economy is strong.

“Usually it’s a summer job,” says Raynald Hawkins, executive director of the Quebec branch of the Lifeguard Society.

Even with their national lifeguard course in hand, students will choose another summer job, often with better salary conditions, a better quality of life because they will often work Monday to Friday and not evenings and weekends.

The Lifeguard Society plans to provide lifeguard training in areas with campgrounds earlier in the season to avoid a shortage next summer.

Become a lifeguard swimmer!

Have a few years passed since you last trained as a lifeguard swimmer? Or would you like to train future swimmers and lifeguards yourself?

In and on the water. In order to keep the knowledge acquired up to date, we recommend regular refresher courses.

We will be happy to check for you foreign training in the field of drowning prevention and water rescue and, if necessary, issue you with recognition.

Every swimmer a lifeguard swimmer!

Your journey to becoming a qualified lifeguard swimmer!

Do you want to participate in your first water safety training or develop your open water skills? Then we look forward to welcoming you to one of our trainings! The SSS offers a modular training offer in the fields of water safety and first aid.

Swimming pool training

Entry into the world of lifeguard swimmers takes place in the pool – either with the Brevet Jeune Sauveteur or with the Brevet Base Pool.

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Open water training

The Lake, River and Hypothermia Modules deal in depth with water safety in open waters. This is the SSS’s response to the latest accident research findings, which show that the majority of water accidents take place in open water

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