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should be noted Complications from tube feeding

As is well known that bedridden patient will not be able to eat naturally which if not cared for enough Nutrients that are complete in all 5 groups may cause the patient’s physical health may be a problem, more or less.

Feeding a bedridden patient via a tube is the best way to do it. But it’s important to consider many parts. to prevent various complications and the patient’s physical health as well

By calculating the amount of food to be balanced and complete nutrition according to medical principles such as protein, carbohydrates, good fats, อาหารทางสายยาง vitamins, minerals. That is necessary for the health of the body is considered to be one of the important things. Including cleanliness of food and equipment is also important.

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What I would recommend today is to keep an eye out for complications from line feeding. which many of you who take care of patients may have encountered Everyone who takes care of patients should have a thorough understanding of the basics here. for the safety of the patient itself

Keep an eye out for 6 complications from tube feeding mistakes.

The end of the feeding line slides out. into the esophagus or into the windpipe

It is considered one of the most common errors. If the end of the hose is not tested before feeding This may result in complications from food entering the trachea. This can result in choking or vomiting. which has a very bad and severe effect on the patient

If the patient vomits

If a patient who is fed through a tube has vomiting. It is important to know that this type of condition can occur in one of the following ways:

– The end of the esophagus moves to the wrong point into the esophagus.

– Stomach spasms because feeding the patient too fast

– Air enters while feeding the patient through a tube. resulting in flatulence The end result is that the patient will be able to vomit.

– Inappropriate posture for feeding the patient through the tube which should be in a high head position

diarrhea patient

The primary reasons that should be known if a patient who receives tube feeding begins to have diarrhea may be due to the following reasons:

– If the food contains milk But the patient does not have gastric juice to digest milk. It is one of the causes of diarrhea in patients.

– Blended food that is too concentrated This will cause too much water to be drawn out into the colon. and food diarrhea

– Blended food that is not clean enough Bacterial contamination or caused by incorrect storage of blended food

– Problems feeding the blender too fast causing problems in the patient’s digestion and absorption

constipation patients

Constipation in tube-feeding patients is mainly caused by insufficient dietary fiber intake. or receiving insufficient water

dehydration in patients

It must be said that most patients experience dehydration in part due to the patient’s inability to tell whether the body is in need of water. or the body is dehydrated which is a very common problem causing the patient to become dehydrated by trying to observe the patient’s skin and assessed from the amount of water and fluid the patient received compared to the amount of water excreted from the body.

The patient developed a fluid imbalance.

This problem is due to the fact that the body has been given a diet that is not suitable for its physical condition. causing patients to develop hyponatremia, also known as hyponatremia, hyponatremia;

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