25 Feb, 2024

Prabowo Replies to Anies’ Views on Democracy in Indonesia

Paragraph 15: Nusron Wahid, Secretary of TKN Prabowo-Gibran, clarified that welcoming meatball suppliers was a response to a declaration that appeared to belittle their career. TKN sought to highlight the unity of individuals from different histories, including meatball suppliers, in taking pleasure in the governmental discussion. The argument offered a system for these governmental prospects […]

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Prabowo Vows to Respect and Assistance the Chosen Head Of State, No Matter of the Result

Preacher of Trade, Zulkifli Hasan (Zulhas), has stated that the price of Minyakita food preparation oil is expected to undertake an adjustment after the 2024 political elections. Presently priced at Rp 14,000 per liter, it is expected to raise to Rp 15,000 per litre. Zulhas explained that this expected rate boost of Rp 1,000 per […]

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Ganjar Pranowo Questions Prabowo Subianto Concerning Civil Rights Violations and Missing Out On Individuals Cases

Anies stressed that in a freedom, there is always a government and a resistance, and both play a critical duty. He believes that the presence of opposition offers various point of views and allows the public to make informed judgments, making it an essential element of democracy. In recap, Anies Baswedan emphasized the significance of […]

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2024 Presidential Prospects’ Dispute Mesmerizes Social Media Site with Election Jingle

Budi discussed that the dispute team consisted of numerous members, consisting of Rosan Roeslani (Chairman of TKN), Sufmi Dasco Ahmad (Strategic Chairman of TKN), Prof. Yusril Ihza Mahendra, Ridwan Kamil, Budiman Sujatmiko, Helmy Yahya, Burhanudin Abdullah, Dadan Hindrayana, Habiburokhman, Hasan Nasbi, and Munafrizal Manan. They conceptualized and talked about subjects associated to the future dispute. […]

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Prabowo and Anies Share Sights in the 2024 Presidential Debate

An intense dispute unfolded between Anies Baswedan and Prabowo Subianto during the first presidential argument for the 2024 political election. Both candidates explored previous political discussions. Anies Baswedan slammed the decrease in freedom, mentioning concerns like freedom of speech and the high quality of the opposition throughout Joko Widodo’s presidency. Prabowo Subianto differed and raised […]

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PLN Makes Certain Stable Power Supply for Presidential Candidates’ Discussion in 2024 Political elections

“Intend you become head of state, will you develop a human legal rights tribunal? Ganjar asked Prabowo during the very first governmental debate held at the KPU RI workplace in Jakarta on Tuesday, December 12, 2023. It’s prejudiced, and your operating friend has been managing this issue all along, and if the choice is to […]

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Prabowo Subianto’s Representations on Life and Commitment to Serve Indonesia

Additionally, governmental candidate number 3, Ganjar Pranowo, formerly shared the outcomes of his project journey alongside his running friend Mahfud Md. Ganjar shared his readiness to boost all public centers, ranging from medical care to education and learning. Ganjar mentioned, “Pak Mahfud and I began this trip of opening up Indonesia from its eastern and […]

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Priest of Profession Expects Change in Minyakita Food Preparation Oil Rates After 2024 Political elections

KPPS (Kelompok Penyelenggara Pemungutan Suara) is a really crucial part of political elections in Indonesia. Their major job is to make sure the political election goes efficiently, safely, and transparently. To be a member of KPPS, there are several needs. These include having the right to elect, being at the very least 25 years old, […]

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Campaigning Guidelines and Restrictions for the 2024 General Elections in Indonesia

– The Light Rail Transit (LRT) system, which recently began running in East and North Jakarta, is estimated to serve 4,462 guests each day, with at the very least 8 trains operating a 5. If you liked this article and you also would like to get more info regarding Cek Pemilu i implore you to […]

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Indonesia’s 2024 Political election: Key Minutes and Growths Simplified

In recap, throughout the discussion, Prabowo Subianto slammed Anies Baswedan for what he viewed as an excessive stance on freedom. Prabowo stressed the importance of an operating freedom and suggested that Anies’ complaints about the state of freedom were unjustified. He also reminded the target market of their political history, consisting of Anies’ check out […]

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