05 Dec, 2023

Shopify Product Variants App for Merchants with Large Catalogs

As a Shopify merchant with a large product catalog, you know that it can be difficult to manage and display all of your product variants on the collection page. Shopify’s native functionality only allows merchants to show up to 100 variants per product page. Which can limit merchants with thousands of products. Extendons Variator for […]

6 mins read

The Ultimate Guide To Speed Up Your Shopify Store In 2023

Speed up your Shopify Store When it comes to selling online, having a fast Shopify store is super important! Slow-loading pages and a sluggish design can make customers frustrated and leave your store without buying anything. But don’t worry! Frenco is here to help! We offer expert services to speed up your Shopify store, making […]

3 mins read