Top 5 Tips for Choosing Images for Your Business Website
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Top 5 Tips for Choosing Images for Your Business Website

Have you stopped to think about the importance of the images on your website? A website that works, a website that converts visitors into customers and that gives results is not a website created at random.

In its creation, the design is so important with its: colors, fonts, and photographs; like the copy, the texts of the web. The photos on your website have great potential, which is why they have to fulfill 3 functions:

Capture the attention of users

The user experience is part of SEO positioning, if you make your website attractive, the length of time your visits stay on it will increase.

Imagine a website without photos it would be a block of text that would be unappealing to read, which would make it more boring to read and your visitors would leave your page as they entered without having read a single line.

Transmit the essence of your brand

Images are capable of transmitting emotions and feelings, these emotions will depend on the content of the image, its colors, and its light.

That is why it is important to unify the photographic style so that together they transmit your brand essence. Emotions are the key to connecting with your audience and getting the purchase impulse.

Show your brand image

Your website must have visual coherence, a unified style that allows you to create a global image that reinforces the values ​​of your brand and makes it recognizable, multiplying its potential and impact beyond your website, such as on social networks.

Tips To Choose the Images for Your Website:

Use quality sources

There are free image banks such as Bonus Design, for high-contrast images. You also have paid image banks at affordable prices, such as Shutterstock, with a wide catalog of very good quality images.

Mobile Responsiveness

Test how your chosen images appear on various devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Also, ensure they scale properly and maintain their quality on smaller screens.

Choose quality images

The images must have a good resolution so that they do not look blurry or pixelated thus avoid an unprofessional image and choose High Contrast Images for your website.

Compress and resize images

It makes no sense to upload, for example, a 400px wide photo if it is going to be displayed at a size of 250px since the only thing you will achieve is to slow down the page loading time and harm the SEO positioning of your website.

Also, don’t forget to compress its weight with tools which reduces the weight of the image by up to about 70 to 80% without losing quality.

Do not follow trends

Think about your brand, your mission, vision, and values. Think about your business’s colors and find the images that convey your essence. Dare to be original, but always choosing elegant and beautiful images.

Choose images that are consistent with your theme

They have to be related to the action or the result that you offer and some images have a relationship with others to achieve that visual coherence of the brand image.

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