What is the best window seat on a plane?
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What is the best window seat on a plane?

Whether you’re on an Emirates flight to the UK or elsewhere, choosing a window seat will provide you the finest possible view and put you in the most comfortable position during your flight. However, the “best” window seat for a given passenger might vary greatly.

•             Personal preferences.

•             Type of aircraft.

•             Route and destination.

Here are a few tips for deciding which aero plane window seat is right for you.

Front of the Plane

A window seat near the front of the plane is a common passenger preference. The ride is often smoother and quieter up front. Because of their proximity to the gates and the exits, they are often a good choice for passengers who need to get off the plane immediately upon landing.

Exit Row Seats.

Consider a window seat near an emergency exit for extra space and light. Extra legroom makes seats on the exit row a hot commodity. Passengers seated in the escape rows may have additional duties in the event of an emergency and should be prepared to help the crew.

Avoid Seats Near Lavatories and Galleys.

There may be more noise and foot traffic at window seats near the bathrooms or galleys, making them less pleasant. Seek out a window seat away from these sections if you’d like some peace and quiet.

Tail Section.

Back of the plane window seats might be fascinating for aviation and flight mechanics enthusiasts. This is because, from these vantage points, passengers can watch the pilots adjust the plane’s flaps, ailerons, and other control surfaces as they prepare for takeoff and landing.

However, keep in mind that the back of the plane is where the turbulence is the worst. Those prone to motion sickness should probably look elsewhere.

Over the Wing.

There is a sweet spot between stability and spectacular views at the window seats above the wing. Seating here affords passengers unobstructed views of the wing and the ground below. There is typically less wind and engine noise experienced in these seats.

Red-Eye Flights.

Red-eye (evening) flyers who intend to sleep should request and be seated in a window seat far from the aircraft’s galley and restrooms. This can help keep the cabin quieter, increasing the likelihood that you will be able to sleep during the flight.

Avoid Obstructed Views.

Views from some window seats may be partially blocked by in-flight amenities or the plane’s structure. Make sure your seat selection does not have any obstructions by reviewing the seat map or inquiring with the airline.

Odd-Numbered Rows.

There may be a modest advantage in seat width in the odd-numbered rows of some aero planes.

Consider the Sunrise or Sunset Side.

It’s not always obvious which side of the plane offers the best sunrise or sunset views. When flying east, the view of the sunrise from the left side of the plane could be spectacular. On the other hand, if you’re flying westbound, the right side of the plane can provide the best sunset views. Think about the flight’s destination and the time of day when deciding where to sit.

Personal Preference.

In the end, there is no universally “best” window seat. Some passengers choose to sit towards the front so they may exit the plane quickly, while others would rather enjoy the view from above the wing or in the very back. Consequently, you should select a window seat in accordance with your individual requirements and preferences for the flight.

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