Wingstop Chicken Wing Flavors Ranked
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Wingstop Chicken Wing Flavors Ranked

You probably have a favorite flavor of wings at Wingstop. If you’re a regular customer there. Are you one of the few people who have tried each of the dozen flavors on the menu to determine the best? Most people just go with whatever sounds the most appealing and familiar.

We did it for scientific purposes. We went to our neighborhood Wingstop several times and ordered one of each flavor (boneless, in case you were wondering) to determine which is the best. Without further ado. Read on to learn how the various flavors stack up against one another on a scale from worst to best.

Wingstop Mango Habanero (Sauced)

The combination of mango and habanero is intriguing. There’s no denying its potential as a flavor, but we couldn’t stand the sweetness after the intense heat. These wings start off tasting excessively sugary and sweet before the overpowering spice kicks in. There is no harmony between the two extremes of the flavor profile, and both are overpowering. We really hope it gets better soon!

Cajun (Sauced)

We prefer the sauced wings. But Wingstop Promo Code also offers dry options. The Cajun flavor is the only one we’re not crazy about. The dry seasoning adds a pleasant heat. But otherwise, there isn’t much going on taste-wise. Like a classic hot wing, it needs a touch of saltiness or sourness. It’s not overly spicy at first, but the heat builds as you eat. It would be great if there were more to the flavor than just heat.

Wingstop Atomic (Sauced)

Please don’t take our rating too literally. We’re not interested in eating the hottest foods possible just because they’re spicy. The first couple of bites of these Atomic wings were delicious. But the heat quickly became intolerable. The hot sauce flavor is pleasant at first. But the coating of crushed red pepper and peppercorns quickly builds and makes it difficult to continue, and the spiciness lingers in the mouth long after eating is complete. You’ll enjoy these wings much more than we did if you have a high tolerance for heat. However, a side of ranch or blue cheese dip helps immensely.


Since this is just a regular wing flavor. There isn’t much to comment on. The boneless kind we tried resembled a chicken nugget very closely. The taste is salty and crisp, and while it’s not bad. It’s also not particularly memorable. We can see how it might please picky eaters. But if you like things with a bit more zip, we wouldn’t recommend the Plain option.

Wingstop Mild (Sauced)

We were relieved to find that the mild flavor was essentially the same as the Atomic flavor, minus the extreme heat. It’s the traditional vinegary hot sauce wing. But with a milder heat that makes them more manageable for a quick snack. Although, perhaps the temperature is turned down a notch too far on this deck…

Original Hot (Sauced)

Finally, we have Wingstop’s Original Hot, which is essentially the Mild flavor with a little more heat added. It has a sharp, buffalo-like flavor and a moderate amount of heat without being overpowering; it goes well with creamy dipping sauces.

Wingstop Hawaiian (Sauced)

Chicken wings can be delicious in any flavor profile. In fact, we think Wingstop is at its best when it deviates from the norm. Their Hawaiian flavor is reminiscent of orange chicken, but much tangier and less sweet due to the abundance of citrus. If you want the flavor of buffalo wings without the heat, this is the perfect solution, though we recommend eating only a few at a time.

Spicy Korean Q (Sauced)

While we know that not everyone will enjoy the spicy Korean Q flavor on the regular Wingstop menu, it is our personal favorite. Unlike the mango habanero flavor, which we find to be too sweet and too spicy, this one strikes the perfect balance, thanks to the addition of savory garlic and ginger flavors that give it an even more satisfying savory kick and a heat that builds satisfyingly in the back of your throat.

Wingstop Lemon Pepper (Dry)

The fact that you’ll be seeing mostly dry rubs from here on out is a testament to the quality of Wingstop’s dry flavors. This one is bursting with a bright lemon flavor and has a light spiciness from ground black pepper. The flavor is strong. But in an excellent way. We can see why it’s a best-seller, though the saltiness can become a problem after a while.

Garlic Parmesan (Dry)

We had our doubts about the taste of chicken wings rubbed with garlic and parmesan, but we quickly learned that we were wrong. Garlic and salty, flaky cheese transform these wings into a savory version of garlic bread. Just keep some gum or mints handy. The dish is heavy on garlic.

Wingstop Louisiana Rub (Dry)

I know I’m going to get some flak for saying this, but Wingstop’s Louisiana rub flavor is right up there with the best of them. The buttermilk garlic flavor and Cajun seasoning on these wings make them taste like the best-fried chicken you’ve ever had. The flavor is delectable, and the slight spiciness keeps you coming back for more.

Hickory Smoked BBQ (Sauced)

Wingstop barbecue is spot on, and we admit that we have a slight bias toward barbecue sauces in our flavor rankings because they are so simple to make delicious. Our favorite of Wingstop’s many sauce options. This one is particularly smoky and tangy with a touch of heat to round out the flavor.

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