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Contributor Guidelines for

Our Commitment to Contributors

At, we strive to provide a rewarding platform for all our contributors. Here are the guidelines to ensure we maintain high-quality content:


Submission Rules

Benefits for Contributors

  • Increased Visibility: Your content will reach a targeted audience.
  • Wide Distribution: We will distribute your articles across our online networks and websites.
  • Social Media Promotion: We will share your articles on our social media networks to boost readership.
  • Longevity and Flexibility: Your article will remain online for at least 12 months. After that period, we may update or remove it.

Thank you for contributing to We look forward to sharing your valuable insights with our community.

  • Quality and Reputation: We only accept guest articles from reputable sources to ensure high-quality content for our readers. This means we carefully choose writers who have proven expertise and credibility. By selecting trustworthy contributors, we provide valuable, accurate information that benefits our audience and maintains our website’s reputation. This commitment to quality helps build trust with our readers and ensures that the content we share is both informative and reliable.
  • Original Content: All articles must be original and unique to our site. We do not accept any copied or duplicated content from other places. This means that your submission should be written by you and not found anywhere else. Original content helps keep our site valuable and trustworthy for our readers. Always make sure your work is fresh and not taken from other sources.
  • Ownership and Rights: We verify each submission to ensure it hasn’t been published elsewhere. Once published, the article becomes the property of

    Here’s an expanded version:

    “We carefully check each article to make sure it hasn’t been published anywhere else. This helps keep our content unique and valuable. Once your article is published on, it becomes our property. This means we can share it with our audience and use it to help others learn.”

  • Author Credentials: All content you submit must be written by you, or you must have permission from the original author to use it. We may make changes to the content to ensure it meets our standards. This helps us maintain quality and ensure that all the information is accurate and well-written. By following these rules, we create a trusted space for readers.
  • Value-Driven Content: We do not publish content that serves as a sales pitch or adds no value to the reader. This includes product promotions for affiliate marketing.We do not publish content that is just a sales pitch or doesn’t provide value to our readers. This means we don’t allow articles that only promote products for affiliate marketing. Our focus is on creating helpful and informative content that benefits our audience. We want to share useful insights and information, not just advertisements.
  • Respectful Content: We do not publish defamatory content about businesses or individuals.
  • Content Restrictions: To keep our website’s integrity, we do not accept articles on certain topics. These include adult content, casino or gaming, pharmaceuticals, liquor, forex, personal loans, payday and tribal loans, car title loans, and essay writing services. We also avoid topics like initial coin offerings (ICO) and other subjects that we decide may not fit. This helps us maintain a high standard and ensures our content is appropriate for all audiences.
  • Compliance: By using our site, you agree to abide by our General Terms and Privacy Statement, as well as Google’s General Guidelines, which include not participating in link schemes, using automatically generated content, or stuffing irrelevant keywords
  • Adhering to Google’s General Guidelines is our focus, including not participating in link schemes, automatically generated content, irrelevant keywords etc.
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